Chest of Drawers: This highly detailed, multi-body model has over a 150 bodies and is created mainly from extruded features. There are several examples of different types of wood joints. Dovetail joints are used in the drawer creation. Mortise and Tenon joints (open and closed) and tongue and groove joints are also used to build the framework of the chest. Multi-contour sketches are reused to save time and to act as layout reference sketches, allowing for easy modification of geometry.

Other features in the model include:  sketch driven patterns, chamfers, Move/Copy Body, and one linear pattern.

Download this file to learn more about reusing multi-contour sketches, different types of wood joints and sketch driven patterns.

Download: Chest of Drawers
Complexity: Moderate
Features: Sketch Driven Patterns, Chamfers, Move/Copy Body, and more!

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DraftSight Download: In conjunction with DraftSight, Dassault Systèmes’ 2D CAD product, the 2D drawing(.dwg) file of the Chest of Drawers tutorial is now available for download here.

By  January 20, 2018