DriveWorks Solo
Powerful SOLIDWORKS® part, assembly and drawing automation – start your 30-day free trial today

Get to Know DriveWorks Solo

Use DriveWorks Solo to configure and automate custom products inside SOLIDWORKS.

Quickly and easily create and configure custom products with DriveWorks Solo, part, assembly, and drawing automation inside SOLIDWORKS.

Why DriveWorks Solo?

Quickly and easily create and configure custom products inside SOLIDWORKS®

Eliminate Errors

DriveWorks rules-based SOLIDWORKS® automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Save Time & Innovate More

Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks and free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

Easy to Setup

Deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or code.

DriveWorks Solo Features

Powerful SOLIDWORKS® automation for parts, assemblies and drawings

Powerful SOLIDWORKS Automation

Automate your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and detailed drawings.

  • Control dimensions, features, custom properties, advanced feature parameters, instances and file formats
  • Dynamically replace components
  • Create a library of components using intelligent file reuse

Advanced Drawing Control

Save time and boost product quality by automatically creating accurate manufacturing drawings with DriveWorks Solo.

  • Control sheets, views, annotation text, annotation positions, layers, break lines and custom properties
  • Generation reports provide a complete audit trail of drawing values
  • Save drawings out in additional file formats, such as PDF, JPEG, DXF and DWG

Preview Results

Preview results as you enter design requirements before you generate final models, drawings and documents.

  • Preview the effect of your selections as you configure
  • Quickly try ‘what if’ scenarios to test design requirements
  • Make informed decisions to and ensure product suitability

File Formats & Save Location

You have full control over the save location and folder structure of files created by DriveWorks Solo. Automatically create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS®.

  • You have complete control over file naming, use intelligent file naming to create a library of parts
  • Save files exactly where you want them
  • Create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS

Custom Input Forms

DriveWorks Solo has an inbuilt form designer to help you configure valid permutations.

  • Rules-based form-to-form navigation controls which forms are shown based on selections
  • Use images to aid the configuration process and provide selection feedback
  • Control visibility and validation of input controls based on rules

Static Tabular Data

Add your existing static tabular data into DriveWorks Solo, use it on your forms and within your rules.

  • DriveWorks Solo includes 60 table functions to manipulate data
  • Centralize and maintain your existing engineering data in DriveWorks
  • Minimise errors and ensure data is always up to date

Customizable Documents

Quickly respond to sales enquiries with accurate documents using the DriveWorks Solo quote, covering letter and BOM templates.

  • Reduce time preparing documents for customer enquiries
  • Build rules to control what is included in your documents
  • Reports provide auditing of document content