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Hartness International manufactures custom packaging machinery for a variety of consumer and commercial product markets. To stay competitive in a fast-changing industry, the company needed to deliver a new product to market in two months. The company’s 2D CAD software did not offer the capabilities the engineering staff needed to meet that tight time frame.


  • Enabled significant new product design innovations
  • Shortened development cycle from five to two months
  • Optimized machinery performance
  • Eased design reviews


Only SolidWorks CAD software offered the easy-to-use, intuitive 3D solid modeling capabilities that Hartness required to quickly explore part and assembly alternatives in real time in order to optimize machinery performance. With SolidWorks, Hartness engineers were able to design assemblies and test them before building any parts. Using SolidWorks CAD software to design the new product, Hartness engineers were able to shorten the design and manufacturing cycle from five months to just two months.

“We had formal training for two days and started making parts on the third day. Then just months later the machine was delivered on time”

Olivier Duterte

Hartness International

About the Customer
  • Industry: Machinery
  • Previous CAD: None
  • Products(s) Used: SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Professional, SolidWorks Office

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