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Mold Design

JK Mold Design

JK Mold Design is a leading provider of high-end, complex molds for plastic injection-molded parts and aluminum and zinc die casting. Increasing competitive pressures prompted owner John Kreutzberger to upgrade his 2D CAD tools to a 3D solid modeling system in 1998.

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Cool Pak LLC

As a key supplier of packaging to growers, shippers, repackers, and other food suppliers, Cool Pak LLC designs and manufactures a variety of trays, tills, tubs, clamshells, and domed containers that are used to package, transport, and sell fresh produce. Recently, company growth and increasing customer demand for innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions prompted management to transition its design function in-house.

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Quality Tooling, Inc.

Quality Tooling, Inc., designs and builds molds, tools, and dies for some of the world’s leading manufacturers. As the tooling market became increasingly competitive in recent years, company management decided to upgrade its design platform to a parametric CAD system in order to increase throughput, reduce design errors, and improve data flexibility.

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